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Diamant et Perles      Diamant et Perles w/ Initial      Diamant et Perles Star      Fleur de Diamant
    Diamant et             Diamant et              Diamant et                Fleur de
        Perles              Perles w/ Initial         Perles 'Star'               Diamant
Cirque de Glamour      Flamingo Blossom      Midnight Rose      Royal Jewels
    Cirque de               Flamingo              Midnight Rose          Royal Jewels
    Glamour                 Blossom                        
Skull Candy      Marilyn Monroe      Perody      Sailor Stripes
    Skull Candy               Marilyn                   Perody               Sailor Stripes
Plain Crystal      Initials      Princess Crown      Bow
Plain One Colour          Initial(s)                   Name                        Bow
Crown w Swirls      Union Jack      Amarose      Exotic Swirls     
Crown w/Swirls           Union Jack             Amarose              Exotic Swirls
Cluster-Iced      Scatter Crystal      Name w Swirls      Diamant de 'Butterfly     
Cluster-Iced            Scatter Crystal         Name w/ Swirls     Diamant de 'Butterfly'

Princess Crown      Daisy Flowers      Hibiscus Flowers      Leopard Print     
Princess Crown       Daisy Flowers      Hibiscus Flowers        Leopard Print

Zebra Print      Zebra Print      Simple Swirl      Trucker Girl     
   Zebra Print                V-Stripes            Simple Swirl          Trucker Girl
Drifting Waves     Butterfly Trails      Design: Enchanted      Art Deco
 Drifting Waves       Butterfly Trails           Enchanted                Art Deco
Vine Swirls     Swirls      Sassy Swirls      Design: Lucky Swirls     
    Vine Swirls               Swirls                 Sassy Swirls           Lucky Swirls 
Skulls      Waves      Cluster-Iced Waves     Cluster-Iced Crown        
      Skulls                       Waves                Cluster-Iced           Cluster-Iced                                                                                    Wave                      Crown


Please browse through our wide variety of designs to your left on this page; the design names can be found on our price list. When deciding upon a design, don't forget, "we can do any design and colour combination on any thing". Colours for the designs can be chosen from our colour chart. Sample crystals are available on request.

With all designs we will create a professional, dazzling, item of meticulous perfection that will be the envy of all your friends and family.

New designs will be regularly added to keep up to date with the latest trends. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss any questions and designs. The design will only be finalised one you are totally happy with it.

If you would like a design which is not on this page, no problem. Crystal-Icedâ„¢ also offers a bespoke custom design service where we can customise to any other design of your choice. Please don't hesitate to call or email with your enquiry. Your suggestions for new design are always welcome.

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